She Dreams in Pink

I finally join LiveJournal... For the clothes.

Hello, people who have stumbled across this info about me! Here's a little bit about myself, so that you don't think that coming here was a wasted effort:

I am a classic lolita. I adore Innocent World, and have the strange ambition of buying a TON of IW clothes and just covering my entire room with them, from walls to ceiling. As of right now, I have enough items to cover... er... my door and maybe a bookcase. Haha! I'm also into many of Japan's more "natural" alternative fashions- mori, dolly, cult party kei, etc.

I love sweets and food in general. I want to try Mont Blanc!

I love history, and antiques. Antiquing is my newest hobby!

I love J-pop. Hello! Project is my greatest and first love (even before lolita). If you're a Linlin fan, please talk to me! If you're a Reina or Mano fan, it may take some time for me to forgive you, but I'm sure we can still be friends.

I've recently taught myself to adore tomatoes!

I don't really like coffee at all.

My favorite flowers are lily of the valley and snowdrops! I like baby's breath, too. Tiny
white flowers are cute.

I love to read. My favorite books are Watership Down (Fiver...!) and Fruits Basket.

I don't really like anime. But I love manga! Lately my favorite is "Kimi ni Todoke."

Are you really still reading this?
Well! How nice!